My name is Abigail Mio Sidén, aka AMSBlue, aka Abisiden, aka azureScapegoat. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden and I'm a writer and a political activist. I'm the creator of ShittyCommieComics and

Politically I advocate for Swedish, British, and Irish republicanism, as well as Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. I also take part in campaigns against Swedish NATO membership, for the abolishment of private schooling, and for the construction of cheap housing as a solution to the housing shortages in Sweden. I am a member of RKU.

Ideologically I am an anti-capitalistic socialist, more specifically an orthodox Marxist, although I don't really have any major disagreements with any other anti-capitalistic Marxist ideologies.

Outside of politics I enjoy writing, vexillology, and programming. I run a fake nation on Nationstates

"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles." -Karl Marx